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Entrepreneurship: Total Autonomy

In healthcare autonomy is the ability to provide personal knowledge to clinical decisions. Some nurses love autonomy. The ability to work on their own without constantly consulting other nurses or doctors.

There are some subspecialties that are more autonomous than others. School nursing, home healthcare, and entrepreneurship are some of them. You’re allowed to make important decisions without involving a whole team of people. It’s a freeing model.

If you love autonomy in nursing, you’ll love autonomy and freedom in entrepreneurship. This article will review why freelance writing is the perfect choice for nurses seeking autonomy. If you’re ready to get going on your freelance journey, you can check out my course.

Pick your Content and Publications

When you’re a freelancer, no one can force you to work with anyone you don’t want to. You don’t even have to give a reason why. You can simply say “no thank you”.

In the same vein, you can pick the content you want to work on. If you like a client or publication, but you don’t like the topic, you can still say no. There are no rules here. It’s not like at the bedside where you have to take the patients that are assigned to you.

I have some longstanding publications that will ask me If I’m interested in writing about a specific topic. And I simply say “no thank you” if I’m not. There’s no hard feelings. They simply pass the work onto the next freelancer.

No Oversight

In this role, no one is looking over your shoulder. There won’t be anyone timing your lunches or questioning your decisions. No one will be making sure you’re getting your work done, either. You’ll be in charge of self-motivation. But, you can choose to work how you want, as long as you complete the deliverables.

Own hours

Most freelancers can pick their own hours. The only exception to this is if you have the occasional meeting to attend. If you’re a morning person? You can either work out or you can write. Not a morning person? Great, you can sleep in now.

You can take a break whenever you want. You can choose to work for an hour, then take an hour break, then work for another few hours. No one will be there to force you to work as 7-7, or any other specific time frame.

Own rates

This is my favorite part: you can set your own rates. Imagine walking up to your manager and telling them what you want your hourly rate to be..and they agree! What a world! Well in the freelance world, you can do this. You’re in charge of negotiating and setting your own rates.

Who doesn’t love total autonomy over their own rates? You can give yourself a raise whenever you feel like it. You can decide when to say goodbye to low-paying clients. All without having to consult another person.


When I was at the bedside, I was in a role that had a significant amount of autonomy. I loved it. It was nice to be able to make clinical decisions without constantly consulting doctors and other clinicians. Sometimes you just want the freedom to practice your trade.

If you’re a nurse that values autonomy, give freelance writing a try. You can set your own rates and hours. You can have the final decision on any deliverables, clients, and publications. Freelance writing is the ultimate career for an autonomy nurse looking for a more balanced lifestyle.

If you’re ready to get going on your freelance journey, you can check out my course.

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