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Hear me chat about what I love: nontraditional nursing roles and writing!

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The Nurse Keith Podcast

On episode 426 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Janelle Barowski, MSN, RN, a talented and successful nurse who radically transformed her career and is now a talented and successful health writer.

Her clients include Healthgrades and Haymarket, among others. She is fiercely passionate about helping nurses find a better work/life balance away from the bedside, and she offers coaching, mentoring programs, and an online course with that goal in mind.

Sara Fun: Resume Writer

Are you a bedside nurse looking for a change of pace? Curious about remote work, but not sure where to start?

Sara and Janelle are here to help.

Janelle will be covering your options as a medical writer.

Sara is going over how you can leverage your resume to get the job you deserve. Janelle Barowski, MSN, RN has been a medical writer for the past 5 years. Topics:

What drew you to nontraditional jobs? How can someone land their first nontraditional job?

Can you share your journey from bedside nurse to entrepreneur?

What is some advice you would share with someone starting out?

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Health Writing: How to start with Sara Fung

Are you interested in health writing but have no idea how to start?

Janelle Barowski, MSN, RN and Sara Fung, BSN, MSN, RN are back at it again.

They hosted another event to chat about how a health writing resume can help you leave the bedside.

Take back your life. You deserve it.

We can help. 

The Healthcare Leadership Experience

As a healthcare industry, we are failing to provide a safe workplace environment for our nurses. 

The days of martyrdom are over for nurses.

We are not chained to the bedside.

We have options. 

We go over all the ways leadership can build a better system so nurses can thrive at the bedside, instead of leaving. 

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The Financially Intentional Podcast

Have you ever wondered if nurse writing is worth the hassle? 

Wouldn't it just be easier to stay at the bedside?

Can you even make any money writing?

This podcast dives into the nitty-gritty of finances as a health writer. 

 We focus on the lucrative option nurse writing offers as both a side hustle or a fulltime career. 


In this podcast, I chat about how health writing fosters a better work-life balance for nurses and how they can find their niche within the writing world. 

Learn about:

  • leveraging your nursing experience to become a writer

  • how to build a portfolio

  • why medical writing is so important

Tune in for some killer, specific advice on nurses who want to transition into a writing role. 

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The Mindset Nurse Podcast

The Mindset Nurse is a straight to the point podcast. 

Because let's face it. Nurses are always on the go. We don't have time for long, rambling chats. 

Tune in to hear my journey from a nurse to a medical writer and my number one tip for nurses curious about writing. 

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All Things Freelance Writing

Janelle has an incredible story that serves as a beacon of hope for nurses who want to find a better work-life balance away from the traditional bedside role.

Plus, she shares honest advice about starting a freelance writing business, scaling to five-figure months, and more!

Ways to Wealth

We spoke with Janelle McSwiggin, RN, who was able to fully replace her bedside nurse salary as a health writer.

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