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The Webinar Series

Covering all things Freelance Writing

Image by Brigitte Tohm

Introduction to Freelance Health Writing

Are you curious about how you can become a freelance writer? Not sure where to start?

This is the webinar for you!

This one goes over all the basics. We go over exactly how to become a freelance writer and how to get freelance writer jobs.

The Beginner's Guide to Health Writing: Is it For Me?

Are you wondering if you can be a health writer? Not sure what a health writer even does? Curious if you can make an income this way?

This is the webinar for you.

We'll be going over how you can make a sustainable income as a medical or health writer. This is geared towards nurses who want to leave the bedside, but it can be applied to anyone wanting to change careers.

Image by Lauren Mancke
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