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The Writing Academy: Workshops, Lessons, Coaching

Everything you need to start your writing business in one place

Let's make you a paid, published author.

If you:

  • have never written professionally before

  • don't know how to set up a business

  • don't know where to find clients

  • aren't sure how to format a blog

  • have never owned a business before

You're in the right place. 

The Writing Academy was made for you.

You'll also have complimentary access to the LinkedIn & Personal Branding,  What's My Niche Webinar and Goal Setting Workshops. 

This academy is built to hold your hand for the entire first year of your freelance career. 

Learn medical writing, copywriting, content writing, and educational writing, all in one spot. 

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Client Testimonials

Success Stories

"I like how simple this approach is. No overly complicated phrasing to hook a client and no long convoluted messages to explain what exactly you do. Great advice!"


This program helped me to know what freelance writing is, and the actual steps on how to start. Instead of a vague idea of wanting to be a freelance writer, I now have concrete steps I have started.  This gave an extensive overview of what to expect as a nurse writer, and how to prepare myself to start out as a freelancer.


Very easy to read guide, providing lots of valuable insights into the industry.

-Jennifer Sols, RN

If you're looking for a friendly, nurturing, authentic and wise coach, Janelle is the one for you.

Meeting her 1-on-1 completely changed the trajectory of my Health writing business. She exposed me on how to approach clients the "right" way with utmost guidance every single step. Her passion of helping other writers succeed sets her apart from every coach that I've known. From "ick" to "awesome" , her Introduction to Health Writing course opened a plethora of options I never knew of being in the Medical field myself! I can't thank her enough for all that she's done for me.

And if you're stuck in a rabbit hole or looking to start with Health/Medical writing, I'd highly recommend Janelle.

-Filza Shariq


Is this a scam?

Nope, no scam. Start googling Healthline, Healthgrades, and Medical News Today. Look at their top articles. How many of them are written by nurses, doctors, or pharmacists? I’m willing to be a lot are, or they’re medically fact checked or edited by those professionals.

How is the Academy structured?

The course is structured with lesson plans, actionable homework and webinars. There are three workshops and over 30 templates for you to use. 

How am I supposed to get published for the first time?

This course comes with a free guest blogging spot on my blog. This is different from the paid portfolio package. The portfolio package is for people who need help editing and building the article. 

For the guest blogging spot included free in the course, all articles will be sent in their final form and published to my blog. 

What's included?

In 220 pages and over 30 templates, this course is designed to hold your hand for the first year of freelance health writing. The templates alone are gold. You get a style guide, invoice, a few different letters of introductions, payment trackers, lead trackers, and more! 

You'll get access to three workshops: LinkedIn and Personal Branding, What's My Niche Workshop, and Goal Setting for Business Owners. Plus over 14 webinars on specific deliverables. 


It comes with an interactive, exclusive LinkedIn community. You can get your question answered, chat with your peers, and get access to leads sent directly to the group. It’s the best way for you to get support while you make your transition.

What happens if there are changes to freelancing practice?

This course is a living, breathing course that you will have access to forever. What does that mean? If I notice something my course is lacking, I’m going to add it. And because your membership never expires, you’ll get access to that additional information. You can expect this course to age like fine wine!

What type of writing will I learn?

You'll learn how to write: 

  1. blogs

  2. white papers

  3. newsletters & emails

  4. slide decks

  5. CMEs

  6. copywriting

  7. content writing

  8. landing pages

What does the Writing Academy go over?

What else does the Writing Academy cover?

  • finding clients

  • LinkedIN optimization

  • Letter of Intent

  • How to find email addresses

  • 5 ways to get clients

  • how to edit

  • what a blog looks like

  • the different types of writing explained

  • what to charge

  • how to find your first clients

  • how to build your portfolio

The course is split into 10 modules that answer these questions:T

1. What’s the general idea behind freelance writing?
2. What do I have to do besides just write?
3. How do I actually start my business and become a freelancer?
4. What should I have ready to send to my clients?
5.  What happens after a client says they want to work with me?
6. How do I build a sustainable income?
7. What about my mental health?
8. How do I find clients?
9. What type of content can I write?
10. How do I actually write?

Is this just for nurses? Is this just for health writers?

Nope! These concepts can be used accross any specialty, like tech, copywriting, and other types of writing.

Price List

Our Offers

Individualized Coaching

75$/phone call or email

Looking for additional support? We can book a 40 minute phone call to tap into exactly what is holding you back. Comes with 1 week of follow-up.

Portflio Building Package


Get that "real editor" experience and a published slot on my blog. It comes with editing tip, SEO courses, testimonials, and in-depth support.

The Writing Academy


Comprehensive lessons, detailed webinars, thought-provoking workshops, and supportive mentorship. Everything you need to succeed as a writer and business owner. 

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