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My Projects

Check my portfolio below and read through my testimonials to see what my clients are saying.  

Image by The Tonik


As a staff writer at Healthgrades, I bring superior client education straight to the general public. A new diagnosis can be intimidating. Sometimes, patients are unsure of what questions they should be asking their doctors. Instead, they turn to google in the comfort of their homes, grappling with a dense medical prognosis. 

That's where I come in.

I take that intimidating medical diagnosis and ensure that the client has the information they are looking for, all while meeting SEO standards. 

Image by Markus Spiske

Haymarket: Infectious Disease Advisor

As a content writer for Haymarket: Infectious Disease, I summarize medical research articles for healthcare providers to use in their practice.

My articles translate cutting edge, breakthrough pharmaceutical research for application in the medical world. 

You can trust a nurse medical writer to provide an accurate synopsis of pharmaceutical research. 

Image by Brooke Lark


At HealthNews, I craft blogs on current health topics for the general public. My therapeutic concentration is neurology. 

These projects are geared heavily towards SEO optimization. Multiple are ranking on the first two pages of Google.

Image by Nahil Naseer
Image by Nahil Naseer

Vidmantas Grigalevičius, HealthNews

I had the pleasure of working with Janelle on our medical content project, and she was outstanding. Janelle consistently provided top-notch medical content for our website, always meeting deadlines and maintaining superb quality.
She was a breeze to communicate with and very adaptable to our needs. I highly recommend Janelle for her excellent work and collaborative nature.
Image by Nahil Naseer

Devon Cimino, 


I highly recommend Janelle Barowski for the services she provides as a freelance medical writer. Janelle has been a pleasure to work with as a contributing writer for Infectious Disease Advisor.
In addition to completing her writing assignments promptly, Janelle is receptive to feedback and provides ample notice regarding her schedule/availability.
Image by Nahil Naseer

Keith Carlson,

Janelle Barowski is an excellent nurse writer with a true sense of what writing great content actually means.
Janelle doesn't go the easy, shallow route; rather, she leverages depth, insight, discipline, experience, and a big empathic heart in order to deliver the highest possible quality content for her clients.
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