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The Portfolio Building Package

Let's get you a published portfolio!

How are you supposed to get your first client without any experience at all?

The Portfolio Building Package. 

This package is so much more than just a guest blogging spot. I'll be teaching you how to write a blog with a template that you can use. We will go through edits and my reasoning behind them. You'll get access to my referencing guide where I explain what makes a good source, and which sources to watch out for. 

We cover SEO basics, how to structure a blog, tools you can use to make you a stronger writer, and you can ask me all the questions you want. 

At the end of this experience, you'll be a published author with a testimonial and a strong understanding of researching and writing. 

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Client Testimonials

Success Stories

I signed up for Janelle's guest blogging package and received detailed and actionable feedback throughout the process.
Her training materials and edits were very clear and easy to follow. Her communications were also timely. I would definitely work with her in the future on any project.

Pam Wirth

 Not only is she a great mentor, but she's also got the kind of spirit that motivates you to produce great results.

You can tell she's a pro at what she does because her ability to analyse content in all dimensions i.e writing style, article structure, research skills etc.


I had a wonderful experience working on my article with Janelle. The programs she offers are a blessing to new writers. Janelle was professional, communicative, and very positive in my process. She quickly responded to any questions and provided me with knowledgeable feedback along the way.

I highly recommend Janelle and her writing services to anyone who wants to learn more about writing in the healthcare industry.

-Rachelle Klein, RN

Janelle is an amazing mentor in health writing.
We worked on a blog and she helped me a lot with her feedback .
She answers very fast, with great input and her dedication to what shes does is incredible.

I recommend her 100% to anyone who is interested in learning more about the health and wellness writing career .

-Claudia Secara, RN

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What comes with the package?

  • 1 published piece on my blog to put in your portfolio, and share on your social media.

  • A run through on exactly what it's like to work with an editor. 

  • A basic explanation of SEO concepts and how you can put them in your piece

  • Industry standards on references explained, including sites where you can search for your sources

  • A basic explanation of what a  blog looks like through a template 

  • My recommendations for edits, which you will apply, and I will review. This includes my reasons for my edits, so you can learn as you go! 

  • You can expect 3 rounds of edits, MAX. 

  • A short testimonial that you can share with future clients for social proof (like a reference). 

  • Finally, I will give you a template for you to write your author's bio. 

  • A brief bio will be published on my website as well. 

What makes a complete portfolio?

Publications usually want 3 to 5 published pieces. Sometimes, they only ask for 2, but usually the magic number is 3. 
Published pieces are better than non-published pieces. Sometimes, you can get away with non-published, but I've seen some editors specifically ask for published.

Will you help me come up with ideas? Or should I pitch?

I can definitely help you come up with a topic! I like to have the writer lead the way, because I want their portfolio piece to play to their strengths!

So if they love a certain area of health, I always recommend starting with area, and we can narrow down a topic if you need help. 

What happens if I need more than 1 piece in my portfolio?

Most publishers want 3 pieces. I offer a discount of buy 2 packages, get the 3rd one free to accomodate this. 
All you have to do is buy 2 packages, and I'll know on my end.

Will you ever delete your blog?

I will never delete my blog. So, you can use these pieces in your portfolio indefinitely. You can also use me as a reference indefinitely.

Price List

Our Offers

Portflio Building Package


Get that "real editor" experience and a published slot on my blog. It comes with editing tip, SEO courses, testimonials, and in-depth support.

Coaching Package

$85/ week for 4 weeks

Looking for additional support? We can book a 40 minute phone call to tap into exactly what is holding you back. Comes with 1 week of follow-up.

The Writing Academy


Comprehensive lessons, detailed webinars, thought-provoking workshops, and supportive mentorship. Everything you need to succeed as a writer and business owner. 

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