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About Janelle Barowski, MSN, RN

My Story

Nursing isn't a career- it's a calling.

My freelance journey has been a reflection of my fierce dedication to client education and work/life balance. 

I firmly believe that the next generation of nurses should be well-equipped to seek out the life they want. Similarly, the general public has a right to understand their health and the complications that may arise. 

I believe in helping the greatest amount of people through education. This is where my freelance content writing comes in. When I'm not writing, I'm helping burned out healthcare professionals find a better life away from the bedside.

I currently enjoy working as a special needs pediatric school nurse for a medically fragile population. 

When I'm not writing, I enjoy skiing, hiking, and traveling. I can usually be found near a body of water on a warm day with a book, or heading down the steepest slopes on skis in the dead of winter. 

Contact me to learn more:

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