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Helping you become a health writer

Do you want to write but have no idea how?

Wondering how to get your first paid client without any experience?

Not sure where you even find clients?

I can help.

I help people who have never written before become paid, published freelance health writers. 

I offer The Writing Academy, portfolio building package, and coaching programs for individualized support. 

Are you ready for a change?

Feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, and looking for a way out? 

Are you sick of working long shifts with never ending med passes and unsafe staffing ratios?

 Do you miss spending the holidays with your family?

Let's take back your life. 

I can help. 

You deserve better.

You can leave the bedside and lead the life you deserve. 

Get the work/life balance you deserve and never put on scrubs again. 

Work for yourself. From home.

How can I help you?

Everything You Need to Leave the Bedside

The Writing Academy

The Writing Academy will teach how how to write, where to find clients, and how to get paid. 

Wave the bedside goodbye!

Portfolio Building Package

Are you looking to build your portfolio? Do you want to learn how to build a blog? Are you totally confused about SEO? This is the package for you. 

You'll be published on  my blog, and I'll go over step by step how to research and write a blog. By the end of this, you'll have a testimonial, author bio, ad a published article to share with your future clients. 

Let's get you published! 

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Image by Nahil Naseer

Client Testimonials

Success Stories

I had the pleasure of working with Janelle recently, and I can't emphasize enough how valuable that experience was. Their guidance and expertise in the field not only improved my writing skills but deepened my understanding of the freelance health writer world. Their personalized feedback made the learning process enjoyable and insightful.


I cannot recommend Janelle's services enough. Anyone looking to start freelance writing should definitely check out her website and her LinkedIn page. Thank you for all of your help and unwavering support!

Kerrin Maher, RN

I had an incredible experience working with Janelle in a 1:1 coaching session. Janelle's knowledge and strategies for landing clients were invaluable. The coaching sessions, along with her course, were truly worth the time invested. I highly recommend Janelle for anyone looking to enhance their medical writing abilities and advance their career in the field.-


Janelle worked really hard to ensure I got the most I could out of coaching with her. I signed up for one call a week and emailed with her in between. She gave me personalized answers for my questions about writing, marketing strategy, and so much more.

I went from wandering to knowing where I was going. My skills and confidence have already level-jumped and I still have one last session. The investment in her coaching has already paid off. I’m glad I didn’t wait to sign up!

Robin Fillner, RN

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Everything You Need To Become A Paid Writer

Image by Tanner Van Dera

1. Workshops and Webinars

Watch the free webinar series to get started.
Figure out what freelance writing is.

Join the workshops to help refine your goals.

Image by Anete Lūsiņa

2. The Writing Academy

Learn everything you need to know to launch your business

Image by Kevin Bhagat

3. The Portfolio Building Package

Build your portfolio on my blog and learn how to work with an editor in real time.
Use this to get your first client.

Price List

Our Offers

Portfolio Building Package


Get that "real editor" experience and a published slot on my blog. It comes with editing tip, SEO courses, testimonials, and in-depth support.

Individual Coaching

$85/session for 4 weeks

Looking for additional support? We can book a 45 minute phone call to tap into exactly what is holding you back. Comes with 1 week of follow-up.

The Writing Academy


Everything you need to know bundled up for you in a bow.

Thanks for submitting!

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